Innovations in Power Conversion

RPC's MACRO-MICRO inverter technology has achieved many "firsts" including ultra-efficient natural convection cooling, highest 10kW-20kW CEC conversion efficiency, highest DC input voltage, highest single-conversion grid tie voltage, highest power density per unit volume, highest power density per pound and longest calculated maintenance-free lifetime.

The patented inverter thermal management and packaging approach enables the inverter to be cooled by natural convection using very little heat sink material, resulting in a small and light-weight enclosure. This inverter is the only kW-scale inverter with a NEMA 6/IP67 environmental protection rating, one enabling factor supporting the extreme product longevity.

A commercial or utility scale system based on MACRO-MICRO inverters is comprised of distributed PV string to polyphase AC inverters, with intra-array-field power collection at voltages up to 600Vac.

"MACRO-MICRO" is an allegorical reference to a "microinverter" approach scaled and optimized for use in systems from 17kW to multi-megawatts.

*Macro-Micro and BOS products have been acquired by a Fortune 500 company but remain on the website as an example of RPC capabilities.

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RPC's proprietary inverter power topology has achieved the highest CEC efficiency of any 10kW-20kW inverter at 98%.

RPC engineers are on the leading edge
of photovoltaic power conversion technology.