The Concept

Since string fuses rarely clear, our patented subcombiner design uses inaccessible and individually non-replaceable fuses. This reduces costs and increases reliability while enhancing safety. When a fuse does clear, the entire subcombiner unit can be replaced by unskilled personnel.

Higher Reliability

  • No box-lug field wiring terminals
  • No mechanical fuse clip to fuse interface
  • IP68 environmental ingress rating

Lower Cost

  • No fuse holders, buss bars or terminals
  • Subcombiners have no access doors or personnel guards
  • The number and length of string conductor runs is significantly reduced
  • Multiple subcombiners can be paralled to form a 90A home run circuit to the inverter


  • No user-accessible or replaceable parts
  • Plug-and-play subcombiner installation and replacement


The bulkhead connectors are molded as an integral part of the enclosure to reduce assembly costs and to provide a more robust environmental seal. Electrical connections from the connectors to the fuses and to other connectors are made with copper strips spot welded to the fuses or other bus conductors as part of an automated process.

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